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 Lubricant No.9 Bearings 
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What is AlfaLube?

AlfaLube is an advanced compound of metallic oxides, waxes, white metals, organic salts, a small percentage of graphite and other minerals compressed into dense, dry lubricating plugs.  Fit in drilled recesses, the plugs are arranged in overlapping, staggered patterns to provide a greater degree of lubrication than can be obtained by any other oilless lubricating method.

AlfaLube Bearings         

AlfaLube Bearings are self-lubricating and never require oil or grease.  For normal duty they are generally made from bronze centrifugal or sand castings.  However, should the applications require, they can be made of almost any bronze alloy, brass, cast iron and monel metal.

AlfaLube is ideal for solving most bearing problems involving high temperature, heavy load, corrosion, submersion, general maintenance and inaccessible locations.

And How Does AlfaLube Aerosol No. 9 Work?

AlfaLube is a solid lubricant.  It does not run, drip, or pool.  This is very important when working in an industrial environment that requires clean working conditions.  When you need to keep your machinery environment clean and Spec Compliant, Alfa Lube is the ideal solution.  And Alfa Lube comes in an easy applicator aerosol canister or in AlfaLube Plugs.  With the aerosol, all you have to do is apply and go to work.  That's all!

Alfa Lube Plugs can be made to order for your application.  Just telephone AlfaLube at 1-800-635-ALFA or 2532.

When Alfa Lube is introduced between unlubricated surfaces it acts as a smoothing agent, filling pores and imperfections in the metal surfaces and coating them with a thin, frictionless layer of solid lubrication.  Friction is defined as mass times surface area.  Alfa Lube effectively diminishes the coefficient of friction by translating the contact area between two moving metal parts into a highly fluid, heat dispersing interaction that increases the life span of your machinery and decreases maintenance, allowing your production teams to concentrate on making more product and less scrap!

By use of AlfaLube, the friction of the original surface is actually replaced by a lesser friction of the lubricants.  Thus when solid lubricants are used, abrasion and cutting of the metal surface is less likely to occur.

AlfaLube Plugs   Made to Order!   Call AlfaLube at (414)445-8180
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AlfaLube Plugs expand in operation, impregnating the pores of the shaft and bearing surfaces with a hard, mirror like film.  The polishing action provides continuous lubrication,  greatly reducing friction and wear.  Alfa Lube plugs can be made to order.  You may send your bearings to AlfaLube and have the plugs inserted or you may send the specifications to AlfaLube and have the plugs made for you.  AlfaLube has a rapid turn around time on orders and can complete AlfaLube Plug orders of many quantities.

Because AlfaLube stands up under stationary loads, the static coefficient of friction at the moment of start-up is sharply reduced, virtually eliminating the scoring and abrasion which often occur during this phase.

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